There are a ton of groups in the Northeast that share share ECRS members’ passion for dance, song, games and fun. ECRS members also engage with a wide variety of not-for-profit organizations with related missions and activities related to dance, drama, crafts, song, games, group leadership and other folky fun. Do you have suggestions for this page? If so please contact us with with your ideas.

Some affiliations of our staff and members

Country Dance & Song Society
Omega institute
Maine Woods Dance camp
Wayfinders Experience
Camp Common Ground

Camp Winni

National Folk Organization

Great Lakes Recreation Leaders Lab
Sing Out Publications

Recent Guest Leaders

Howard Moody
Joanne Hammil Music –
Deborah Rapoport
Dances of Universal Peace
Elizabeth Orleski and Drum Zone

Festivals our staff lead and members attend

Flurry Festival
Philadelphia Folk Song Society/ Festival
New England Folk Festival
Clearwater Great Hudson River Revival
Peoples Music Network
Pourparler Dance Weekend –
Mt Airy Contra Dance

Places we meet or have met

Watson Homestead (NY)
Camp Harlam (PA)
Stony Point Conference Center (NY)
Black Rock Retreat (PA)
Geneva Point Center (NH)

Warwick Conference Center (NJ)