“Imagine getting together with great friends and having more fun in a weekend than you’ve had in the past year. Imagine laughing so hard your belly aches. That’s ECRS and that’s why I come.”

“I use ECRS activities everyday at home and at school. It’s so enriching to our lives.”

“ECRS helped me to get the job I’ve loved the most. It’s having fun, it’s playing… it’s so much!”

“It’s connections with people, fellowship through fun and enjoyable activities that everyone can participate in…

ECRS is warm, welcoming and inclusive.”

“ECRS events provide strong person-to-person experiences that (over and over) evaluation forms report are the primary reason we come back”

“David provides melodious leadership! an excitement, a pleasure, sly sweetness, even for those not dancing–so joyful to watch!”


When I walked into Dotti Siftar’s Song Leadership Class in 1970 at my first ECRS Summer School, I found a big woman with a big voice who encouraged me to find my own. As an avid learner from many Girl Scout singing leaders, I also found in Dotti an encouraging teacher who brought out the best in each group, each “student,” and challenged us to try experimenting to create harmonies when we had no idea where they came from. I went back again, each year becoming more sure of the words, so I could concentrate on the melodies, learned to listen to my neighbors, and blend in or contrast with their offerings. The result: rich, harmonious, community singing programs at ECRS like at no other place, that would take us to other countries, other’s visions of the world, and in so doing learn more about ourselves. We often left Dotti’s class, humming a newly-learned melody, or carrying the round into the dining hall at Geneva Point Center, and beyond. Her legacy to me: I now have the courage to come before a group of strangers, school children, Girl Scouts, teachers, or family reunion groups and invite them to join in singing a familiar song to warm up, and learn anew one they don’t know, and pass on the tradition.”
Cindy Green, ECRS Singing, Dance, and Games Leader former ECRS Board Member