ECRS is a warm and welcoming community for folks of all ages. We seek to foster close human relationships and develop leadership through a variety of fun activities that emphasize enjoyment, creativity, cooperation and personal growth. During our several yearly events, we offer an ever-changing menu of optional daily classes, ranging from drama and dance to crafts and creating personal change, mostly lead by our skilled and caring members. Nightly we make our own merriment when we gather for an evening program. Participants lead each other in recreational activities including folk dancing, singing, informal dramatics and cooperative games. We embrace a wide diversity of people, including often-marginalized groups, such as older adults, LGBT individuals, and singles.

ECRS has so many wonderful members that make it truly special. Gifted class leaders, dedicated board members (all volunteer time!!) and staff, three generations of families and members who have happened upon the ECRS magic and wanted to keep it in their lives. Scroll below to see some of the people who make ECRS the unique, satisfying community that it is.

Patricia Williams

Patricia WilliamsPatricia Williams loves to bring people together through singing, international folk dancing, informal dramatics and cooperative games. Her expertise in human interaction and group dynamics has been honed over many years as a group facilitator and coach. Even reluctant first-timers find her instructions to be simple and clear, her enthusiasm infectious.

Barbara Siftar

Barbara Siftar
Barb Siftar has been an international folk dance, game and song leader and occasional folk singer for over 30 years. Specializing in intergenerational and international folk dancing and song leadership, she has led round singing workshops at the New England Folk Festival (NEFFA), has staffed events with ECRS and is a tenured leader at Barb works as a hospital professional, based in the Boston area where she also sings in a classical choir She counts her musical family upbringing and youth theater background among her sources of inspiration.

Mickey Reed

Mickey ReedMickey Reed leads singing, games, crafts and puppetry at camps and conferences throughout New England, when not teaching occupational therapy at Bridgeport Community College. As a self proclaimed caretaker of wonder, she draws on a variety of media to create giant puppets for parades and celebration. A leader at ECRS for 35 years where she enjoys playing, laughing and learning with friends of all ages, Mickey also sings with the award winning Silk nSounds Barbershop chorus based in Hamden, CT.

Charlotte Young

Charlotte knew early on that active group games were the best way to have fun. Starting with being the neighborhood organizer of “capture the flag” and “kick the can,” she then moved onto leading cooperative New Games as a grad student, where she also studied recreation, leisure and play. When she’s not playing (never enough time), she operates a small consulting business that helps groups and organizations find solutions to improve health and the environment. Two significant themes run through this work: visual thinking and having fun. Among her life mottos are “we all need more recess.” 

Kim Neubauer

Kim NeubauerKim is an award-winning Learning and Development Consultant with expertise in leadership development, service excellence and career transition. She provides outplacement consulting for Fortune 100 employees, and resume coaching for MBA/MS students of Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. She has facilitated hundreds of professional development trainings for museums and cultural organizations, community health centers, and the US Peace Corps.

Kim is a folk dancer and dance musician who co-runs one of the largest open contra dance bands in the country. Kim also plays in an English Country dance band, and she is a favorite guest leader for two Israeli dancing groups.

Kim came to ECRS as a child and became a staff member before age 20. She leads singing, mentors and coaches event staff, and she has led classes on ECRS Theory, Leadership and Personality Type (MBTI) and a variety of other leadership topics.

Jacquie Adain

Jacquie Adain
Jacquie Adain, born in England but living in Canada most of her life has been playing games at ECRS for about 25 years and leading much of that time. She was a substitute teacher until about 4 years ago when she retired. Although she misses the kids she makes up for it with her ‘kids’ and ‘family’ at ECRS. Dancing, singing, playing the uke and word games are also on her agenda. At home she is involved with RWC, the Canadian ‘cousin’ of ECRS.

Frank Miller-Small

rank Miller-Small

Frank Miller-Small taught Early Childhood Education for thirty-three years. For the past ten years, he’s been teaching and tutoring English with immigrants at Queensborough Community College. He has served as a facilitator and Docent for school groups coming to the Nassau County Holocaust Museum and Tolerance Center and written articles and essays for its newsletter and blog. He’s been a member of ECRS for about thirty years and has has taught a wide-variety of classes, ranging from Creative Writing and Problem Solving to Encouraging Diversity and Developing Memory. He is a husband and step-father and enjoys movies, literature, and early morning walks with his wife.

Donna Miller-Small

Donna Miller-Small

Donna Miller -Small worked in the Fashion Industry for twenty-five years in many varied capacities. For the past fifteen years, she has been a Reiki (a technique for energy healing) Master Instructor and healer. She has also taught, for seven years, numerous Mah Jongg and Canasta classes in libraries and Adult Education throughout the Nassau County area. She has been an active member of ECRS for about fifteen years, served on several important committees, and taken on important administrative roles. She is a wife and mother, and greatly enjoys beading and knitting in her free time.