Why become a member of the Eastern Cooperative Recreation School?

  • To get a free subscription to our quarterly newsletter.
  • To receive members-only discounts on weekend events.
  • To be able to vote on Board members and issues.
  • To promote recreation and leadership training.
  • To share in the fun!

And thank you for supporting ECRS!

Annual Membership

Annual membership dues are only $25 for the first person in the household, and $15 for any other person over 16 living in the household. If there is a lifetime member in a household, the annual dues are also only $15 for any other person 16 or older living in the household. You can also purchase a lifetime membership, which is $400 for an individual or $650 for a couple. Dues expire on December 31 of the year they are paid, regardless of when the payment is made.

Please fill out the form below to start a new membership, or renew your membership. If you are unable to pay online, please contact our membership secretary at membership@ecrs.org directly to make arrangements.

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